How Much Does a Metal Garage Cost?

Metal Garage Prices and Factors

In most cases, the cost to build a standard 12x30 garage will be between $6,300 and $10,000, depending on the size, configuration, and customization options you choose. These structures are made from a wide range of components, so getting an exact quote can be a challenge.

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Factors That Can Influence the Total Cost of Your Steel Garage

A lot of things are involved in calculating metal garage prices. Here are some of the biggest factors that influence the final price tag:

• Steel Market Prices

The current market price of steel directly impacts the cost of materials for constructing the garage.

• Dimensions

The size of the garage, including its width, length, and height, affects the amount of steel needed and, consequently, the overall price.

• Customization Options

Adding features like windows, doors, insulation, and special finishes can increase the cost of the garage.

• Local Building Codes and Permits

Complying with local regulations may require additional materials or modifications, impacting the total cost of your project.

• Building Location

Factors such as accessibility, terrain, and local labor costs can influence the cost of your metal garage.

• Foundation Prep Costs

You will need to factor in the cost of preparing your building’s foundation. Whether you choose concrete, asphalt, or soil foundations, this aspect will affect your final metal garage price.

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