Louisiana Metal Buildings

Built Tough: Precision Steel Buildings for Louisiana

Louisiana residents know all too well how vicious weather in the state can be. From high winds to flooding and even hurricanes and tropical storms, folks need the right infrastructure to keep their equipment and valuables safe.

Eagle Buildings is proud to offer a wide range of metal buildings in Louisiana, from backyard metal garages to full-scale commercial infrastructure. Our buildings are built with precision manufacturing techniques and engineered to take on Louisiana’s toughest climates, giving you the strength you need for your home, farm, or business.

Contact us today at 866-540-6280 to learn more about our wide array of metal garages, carports, and RV covers. Our project managers will help you customize a building to meet your needs and turn it over to a partner manufacturer and expert installation crew that will deliver and install it to your doorstep.

Louisiana Metal Buildings

Choose from a Wide Variety of Steel Building Size Options

Looking to expand, upgrade, or start fresh? We have an extensive range of steel building sizes to fit any application. Take a look at what we have available:

• 12′-24′ Wide Buildings

These buildings are ideal for personal use, fitting neatly into smaller properties while still offering plenty of storage space. Ideal for single-car carports, small workshops, or storage sheds, they provide a practical solution for limited spaces without sacrificing functionality.

• 18′- 30′ Wide Buildings

This range is great for recreational vehicles. Store your motorhomes, trucks, fifth-wheels, trailers, or any other RV; these buildings offer more room while still maintaining a manageable footprint.

• 26′-30′ Wide Buildings

These buildings hit the sweet spot between size and usability, making them an excellent choice for those who need space for multiple vehicles, larger warehouses, or small commercial ventures.

• 32′-40′ Wide Buildings

Designed for substantial commercial applications, these buildings offer ample space. Ideal for large auto shops, warehouses, retail stores, or manufacturing facilities, they provide the capacity and durability needed for heavy-duty use in a commercial setting.

No matter what type of metal building you need, you can count on Eagle Buildings to have you covered. We have a ton of structures for any application, and our team is waiting to help deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be matched.

Custom Design Your Louisiana Metal Building

One of the standout features of our steel buildings is their customizability. Personalize your structure with the features you want, and avoid the features you don’t. Change the roofing, paneling, and framing thickness, colors, doors and windows, and much, much more.  It’s all up to you.

How do you customize your Louisiana steel building, you might ask? One convenient way is with our 3D design tool, a handy online application that allows you to design, change, and view every aspect of your structure in real-time. It even provides you with a free quote that you can give to your building specialist when you’re ready to buy.

Or you can tackle the customization of your Louisiana metal building the old-fashioned way by contacting us via phone. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the right building for your next home, farm, or business project.

Eagle Engineers Excellence in Everything We Do

Stop searching endlessly online for “metal buildings near me,” because Eagle has you covered, literally and figuratively. Our lineup of metal buildings is designed to take on the worst weather Louisiana has to offer, and provide you with years of dedicated service.

We offer competitive pricing, industry-leading warranties, craftsmanship guarantees and will work closely with you from the initial concept sketches to customizing your building according to your needs.

Call us today at 866-540-6280, and let’s take the first step of your metal building journey together. We’ll bring you a hassle-free experience from start to finish, and a structure that will endure for years to come.