North Carolina Metal Buildings

Engineered Steel Buildings In NC

From Mount Airy to Raleigh and beyond, Eagle Buildings is committed to offering the best structural solutions to the people of North Carolina. We’re not just building structures; we’re crafting experiences. From the moment you contact us to finalizing your building, we’re there, ensuring a smooth, supportive journey.

Our team, including skilled project managers, is dedicated to answering all your questions and guiding you through every step. We handle all the heavy engineering and details, ensuring that your building is not only a structure but a testament to quality and care. Every building is a project close to our heart, crafted to provide you with the best experience and structure around. Stop the endless search for “metal building suppliers near me” and start your journey with Eagle Buildings. Contact us today at 866-540-6280 and let our project managers turn your vision into a durable, beautifully engineered reality.

North Carolina Metal Buildings

Types of Metal Buildings We Offer In NC

When you’re working with the strength and flexibility of steel, you can do almost anything. This is illustrated by our wide lineup of steel building types. From small sheds to enormous commercial metal buildings, we do it all. Take a look at just a few of the options available to you:

1. Metal Garages

For those seeking more spacious storage for vehicles, tools, or equipment, Eagle Buildings’ metal garages are an ideal choice. These structures offer ample space and protection, combining functionality and durability into one experience.

2. Barn Buildings

Eagle Buildings’ metal barns are a modern twist on the classic agricultural structure. These barns provide a versatile space for storing hay, equipment, or even housing livestock. The durable metal construction ensures longevity, and the customizable designs allow you to create a barn that meets both your functional and aesthetic requirements.

3. RV Covers

Owning a recreational vehicle is a major investment and safeguarding it from the elements is crucial to being able to enjoy it season after season. Eagle Buildings’ RV covers are a reliable solution to keep your RV shielded from sun, rain, and snow. These structures are designed wider, taller, and longer to accommodate different RV sizes and can be customized to fit your specific vehicle.

4. Commercial Structures

Eagle Buildings extends its expertise to commercial applications, providing metal structures for a virtually endless array of business needs. From warehouses to workshops, our commercial structures offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand or upgrade their facilities.

5. Combo Buildings

For those with diverse needs, Eagle Buildings’ combo buildings provide the perfect solution. These structures combine the open-air coverage of a carport with the enclosed security of a metal garage, allowing you to use your structure for a myriad of purposes.

6. Loafing Sheds

Loafing sheds are a fantastic way to keep your farm animals safe and dry when the weather won’t cooperate. Whether you have horses, cattle, or other livestock, these sheds provide a comfortable and safe space for your animals year-round.

How Do You Pick the Right Size Metal Building for Your Project?

Let’s face it, there are many different metal building sizes on the market. From small 24×25 metal garages to larger commercial facilities, filtering out all the building sizes can be a challenge. Let’s look at some popular metal building sizes in North Carolina:

1. 24×25 Metal Garages

This metal building size is an excellent choice for a single-car garage, storage space, or even a small workshop. It’s large enough to accommodate a smaller car or vehicle while still leaving space to comfortably move around.

2. 46×20 Metal Barns

If tackling agricultural projects is your day-to-day task, having the right infrastructure matters. A 46×20 metal barn is more than enough for storing hay and equipment and keeping supplies in good condition. Their adaptability also allows you to custom-tailor them to meet your farm’s specific needs.

3. 30×40 Metal Buildings

Whether you need a two-car garage, a spacious warehouse, or a retail space, the 30×40 metal building has you covered. It offers 1200 sq. ft. of interior space and can easily be adapted to suit any home-based project.

Customizing Your North Carolina Metal Building

One of the standout features of our pre-engineered structures is their customizability. From the foundation type to the roofing features, almost every aspect of your building can be built to your liking. Design a classic carport with the look and feel of yesteryear. Or design a modern structure for your business. It’s all up to you. Here are just a few things you can customize on your metal building in North Carolina:

1. Building Size

The size of your building will be an integral part of its design. Whether you want a small backyard metal building kit or you’re designing a larger structure, you’ll have the ability to choose a size that works for you.

2. Framing and Paneling Gauges

You’ll also be able to choose the framing and paneling gauge for your metal building. 14-gauge framing and 26-gauge paneling are standard for residential projects, but you can always upgrade to the thicker 12, and 24-gauge options, respectively, if you live in regions with high winds or heavy snow accumulation.

3. Windows and Doors

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your metal building by selecting the type, size, and placement of windows and doors. Whether you need ample natural light for a workshop or want a stylish entry point for your metal building in NC, Eagle provides options for customization to meet your preferences.

4. Roofing

Eagle offers several distinct roofing options, each with their own capabilities and price ranges, including:

  1. Regular Roofs: Regular roofs are a traditional roofing type you’ll often see on carports or smaller-scale metal buildings. They feature rounded edges and a shallow roof peak, giving it a classic yet modern feel. This roofing type is best suited for regions with minimal wind and precipitation but can be a great cost-effective choice for moderate climates.
  2. Horizontal A-Frame Roofs: This roofing system is similar to those you’d find on a traditional home, with overhanging awnings, horizontally placed paneling and a sharp roof peak. They’re a great mid-tier option that offers both looks and brawn.
  3. Vertical Roofs: Vertical roofs are the cream of the crop in terms of capabilities. This roofing style features many of the same facets as an A-frame, except for one small exception– the paneling. Arranged vertically, these panels allow rain, snow, and storm debris to slide harmlessly from the surface, keeping your roof looking better and longer.


5. Color, Trim, and Wainscoting

Make a statement with your metal building by selecting the perfect color, trim, and wainscoting options. Eagle provides a range of colors to complement your surroundings or match existing structures. Don’t forget the trim and wainscoting! You can mix and match colors to create exciting color schemes that blend perfectly with your unique style.

6. Accessories

Further personalize your metal building with a variety of accessories, including insulation, ventilation systems, and more. These additions enhance the functionality and comfort of your space, ensuring it meets your specific requirements.

Choose Eagle as Your North Carolina Metal Building Dealer

Eagle has worked diligently to become a premier name for metal buildings of all shapes and sizes. We’ve poured years of experience and dedicated craftsmanship into creating steel buildings that hold up to years of wear and tear while requiring minimal upkeep along the way.

We’re dedicated to selling the best metal buildings at low prices and providing a buying experience like no other.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 866-540-6280 to start designing the metal building you need. Because Eagle Buildings is a name, you can trust today, tomorrow, and for years to come.