Alabama Metal Buildings

Engineered Buildings Alabama

Alabama knows a thing or two about rough weather. Whether you’re facing violent winds, heavy hailstorms, or the looming threat of tornados, residents here face off against Mother Nature regularly. However, with Eagle Buildings at your side, keeping your possessions has never been easier.

Our project managers focus on delivering top quality engineered metal buildings, tailored to withstand any weather condition. We collaborate with our partner manufacturers to ensure each building, from warehouses to efficient clear-span structures, meets your specific needs with precision and quality. We offer a range from compact 12-foot wide garages to expansive 40-foot wide commercial facilities. Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled customer experience at every step of the project.

Don’t spend all your time searching online for “the best metal buildings near me,” and let us handle everything. Call Eagle Buildings today at ☎ 866-540-6280, and let’s take the first step of your building journey together.

Alabama Metal Buildings

Wide Range of AL Steel Buildings

Eagle has a wide range of metal buildings to suit any residential, commercial, or agricultural project. We’re proud to bring you options such as:

1. Barns

Ideal for agricultural and farm applications, our metal barns provide a secure and spacious environment for storing equipment, livestock, and supplies. With a robust design, these structures are well-suited to handle the demands of Alabama’s rural landscapes.

2. Garages

Protect your vehicles, tools, and other valuables with our sturdy metal garages. Engineered for longevity, these structures are perfect for safeguarding your assets from the elements and ensuring they remain in top condition.

3. RV Covers

Keep your recreational vehicles safe and sheltered with our custom RV covers. These structures provide a reliable shield for your RVs, motorhomes, and buses, ensuring they’re protected in the off-season and ready for your next adventure.

4. Commercial Buildings

Our commercial metal buildings offer a versatile solution for businesses in Alabama. Whether you need additional warehouse space, a retail outlet, or an office building, our structures are designed to meet the unique requirements of commercial applications.

5. Loafing Sheds

Provide your animals with a comfortable and protective space with our loafing sheds. These open-sided structures are perfect for offering shade and shelter to livestock, ensuring their well-being in the diverse weather conditions of Alabama.

6. Carports

Protect your vehicles from the harsh elements with our metal carports. Whether you need a single-car carport or a larger structure for multiple vehicles, our designs provide reliable coverage and durability.

6. And More!

From workshops to storage sheds and beyond, we have an extensive array of structures to meet any need. Don’t believe us? Call today and let one of our project managers show you just how versatile metal buildings in Alabama are.

Picking the Right Size for Your Alabama Metal Building

What size metal building is right for you? That’s a big question. Once you’ve taken some basic measurements, you’ll be able to choose a building range that works for your property. To help make sense of it all, we’ve put together some of the most popular size options:

• 12’-24 Wide Buildings

Buildings in this range are both compact and versatile, serving a vast array of needs from simple storage to full-on workshops. With a starting price of $2,300, these buildings present a cost-effective option, delivering a durable and secure space without straining your budget. Whether it’s a compact garage or a backyard storage shed you seek, these metal buildings offer a budget-friendly solution.

• 26’-30’ Wide Buildings

Eagle Buildings’ 26′- 30′ wide metal structures present more spacious options for larger applications. Priced between $4,000 and $10,000, these buildings provide ample room for larger vehicles, equipment storage, or even sizable workshops, striking a balance between affordability and versatility.

• 32’-40’ Wide Commercial Buildings

Designed for commercial applications, the 32′- 40′ wide metal buildings cater to the needs of many different businesses. These structures range between $7,500 and $20,000 and are ideal for warehouses, retail spaces, or expansive workshops.

• 18’-30’ Wide RV Covers

Eagle Buildings’ 18’—30’ wide RV covers offer an affordable and efficient solution for protecting your recreational vehicles. Priced between $4,000 and $8,000, these structures ensure a cost-effective method of keeping your RV safe from the elements. With so many sizes available, there’s an RV cover to fit your specific vehicle.

Eagle Buildings is Here for All of Alabama’s Metal Building Needs

From Huntsville to Mobile and beyond, Eagle Buildings is proud to be a trusted name for metal buildings in Alabama. We have a wide lineup of metal buildings to suit any need, and we’ll work closely with you from the first concept sketches to customizing it according to your needs.

Our trusted manufacturers and installation teams work hand-in-hand with us to deliver your structure in one seamless experience.

Don’t let Mother Nature keep the upper hand. Call Eagle Buildings today at ☎ 866-540-6280, and let’s start designing your AL steel building today. We’ll guide you through the entire process, provide you with an engineering drawing at no cost, and show you why we’re the premier choice for all things steel buildings.