Kansas Metal Buildings

Precision-Engineered Buildings for Kansas's Weather

Kansas is ground zero for some of the roughest weather in the US. Famed for being in the center of tornado alley, this region regularly experiences high winds, hailstorms, and vicious forces that cause tons of damage each year.

Eagle Buildings is on the scene with a wide range of metal buildings that are engineered to take on this tough climate and bring you a level of reliability that can only be found in steel components. We craft our structures with precision and design them according to your aesthetic preferences, seamlessly blending form and function into one structure. Our project managers will walk you through the design process, hand your chosen building off to our expert manufacturers and installation teams, and bring you an experience that will last for years to come.

Don’t waste time searching for “low-cost metal buildings near me.” Call the pros at Eagle Buildings at 866-540-6280, and let’s start designing your Kansas metal building today.

Kansas Metal Buildings

Our Best-Selling Kansas Metal Buildings

Looking for some of the best metal buildings in Kansas? Eagle Buildings has your back with a wide lineup of structures to suit any application. Take a look at just a few of the different building styles we have to offer:

1. RV Covers

Investing in a recreational vehicle is a big decision and protecting it from the harsh elements is crucial to keeping it in good working order. Our RV covers are a fantastic solution, shielding your RV from sun, rain, snow, and more. They’re built taller, wider, and longer so that you’ll always have the space for your RV, motorhome, or bus.

2. Garages

Need extra storage space or a secure spot for your vehicles? Eagle Buildings’ metal garages are the perfect solution. These structures are not incredibly durable and fully customizable. Say goodbye to security and storage worries when you have a metal garage from Eagle Buildings at your side.

3. Combo Buildings

Whether you need a workshop, storage space, or an enclosed shelter for your equipment, these structures have versatility to spare. Use the covered area for open-air storage, or protect your belongings in the enclosed portion of the building. It’s up to you.

4. Barns

Metal barns combine the timeless appeal of traditional barns with the durability of modern materials. These structures are perfect for housing livestock, storing equipment, or protecting food supplies from the elements. With many possible configurations, you’ll have a building that can take on almost any job on the farm.

5. Loafing Sheds

Ideal for providing shelter to livestock or equipment, Eagle Buildings’ loafing sheds are a practical solution for farmers and ranchers alike. These structures offer an open design that provides ample ventilation for your animals while still protecting them against the elements.

6. Carports

Eagle Buildings’ carports are a sleek and practical solution for safeguarding your vehicles from the elements. Whether you need a one-car carport, a two-car carport, or a triple-wide, these structures allow you to find the perfect fit for your needs.

7. Commercial Buildings

Businesses in Kansas looking for durable and cost-effective commercial buildings now have a solution with Eagle Buildings. Our commercial structures are a strong, cost-effective way to provide your business with the infrastructure it needs to succeed.

8. And More!

Make no mistake, Eagle Buildings has a metal building for any walk of life and any job. Whether you’re on the farm or starting your first business, we can bring you a steel structure that’s ready to take on your hardest jobs and the toughest Kansas weather all at once.

Customizing Your Kansas Metal Building

When you purchase a structure from Eagle Buildings, you’ll have full control over how it looks, feels, and functions. From top to bottom, you’ll be able to design your structure your way. But how does that process work, you ask? Below, we’ll walk you through the steps.

1. Choose the Building Size

Our metal buildings come in many dimensions, from small storage units to expansive warehouses and everything in between. Analyze your space needs and budget constraints to make an informed decision about the right size steel building for your project.

2. Choose a Roof Style

The roof style is more than just an aesthetic choice; it also influences the building’s overall durability and weather resistance. You have three primary options:

  1. • Regular Roof

    Simple and cost-effective, regular roofs are the classic option and are suitable for moderate weather conditions.

    • A-frame Horizontal Roof

    This roofing style features a more traditional look, with overhanging awnings and a sharper roof pitch. It offers better water runoff and is ideal for areas prone to heavy rain or snow.

    • Vertical Roof

    This roofing style combines the best design aspects of the A-frame roof with vertically arranged paneling. It offers superior durability and is recommended for harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall.

3. Add Doors and Windows

Enhance the functionality and accessibility of your metal building by strategically placing doors and windows. Roll-up doors are excellent for large equipment access, while walk-in doors and windows can provide natural light and ease of entry for smaller spaces.

4. Framing and Paneling Thickness

Tailor the structural integrity of your metal building by choosing reinforced framing and paneling. Thicker gauge framing and paneling is crucial for withstanding harsh Kansas weather and ensuring your building holds up for years to come.

5. Color Options

Express your personal style and seamlessly integrate your metal building into its surroundings by choosing the right color. Eagle offers a variety of color options to match your preferences. While aesthetics are important, keep in mind that certain colors may have additional benefits, such as reflecting sunlight and reducing energy costs.

6. Accessories and Add-ons

Complete the customization process by adding accessories and add-ons that enhance both the functionality and appearance of your metal building. Add ventilation systems, gables, trim, and wainscoting, and take your building to the next level.

Eagle Buildings is Your Trusted Metal Building Dealer Across Kansas

Searching for high-quality metal buildings in Kansas? You’ve come to the right place. Eagle Buildings has you covered with a wide lineup of metal structures for any application. From Oakley to Kanas City, we’re proud to be a trusted metal building dealer with a track record for excellence and the structures to back it up.

Whether you’re looking for metal building kits for storage or you’re searching for a commercial structure, the experts at Eagle have you covered.

Call our project managers today at 866-540-6280 and let us handle your building order. We’ll provide you with engineering drawings at no cost, walk you through the process step-by-step, and provide you with a metal building experience like no other. Trust Eagle to soar above the rest.